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Palangi Kickboxing is different from anywhere you've ever been and anything you've ever tried! Burn 850+ calories per class! We are DelCo's #1 fitness and kickboxing gym, where we specialize in creating a supportive environment for everyone, regardless of ability level, age, or gender. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to go at THEIR pace.

Palangi is proud to be known as a community within a community - one that changes lives by empowering everyday people to live an extraordinary life. We help you create new possibilities - mentally and physically.

At Palangi Kickboxing, not only will you get an unmatched workout, but you'll be given the tools to live healthy and powerfully outside of the gym. We'll focus on exercise and athletic achievement, nutrition, food mastery, confidence building, and mindfulness. ANYONE can do it, and anyone can become great. You just need somewhere to start.

                                                                       Transformation photos. They speak for themselves.

                       Kettlebell Training is a great compliment to Kickboxing, providing added core strength and stability.


Find out why so many people choose Palangi Kickboxing to lose weight, stress and get tight.

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Your journey to a new you starts here.

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